Smarter hosting

apnscp is the perfect hosting platform for your PHP, Ruby, Node, Python, and Go projects. Enable SSL with 1-click, automatically update webapps, receive notification of service defects, block threats real-time, and keep your site operating at peak performance.

Hosting is easy with apnscp.

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Enormous API

apnscp ships with a reflected API that exposes over 2,000 commands. Achieve everything within the panel from outside the panel – or just use Beacon, a CLI API companion.

Multi-tenant isolation

apnscp is multi-tenant. Multi-tenancy allows you to host multiple sites managed by multiple users with isolation and resource containment for each account.

Integrated security

apnscp is built for real-world hosting, which is under constant threat from hackers. apnscp integrates rate-limited dynamic blacklists and permanent recidivism for persistent threats.

Light & nimble

Everything works best with more memory, but apnscp is designed to run proficiently on 2 GB platforms by minimizing auxiliary processes and exploiting modern software.

Builtin cache

Upstream caching is built into the web server. Just send the requisite "cache-control" headers and let the web server accelerate your content improving WordPress throughput by 24x.

Playbook driven

apnscp utilizes Ansible Playbooks to provide a powerful, consistent, and intuitive provisioning process. Once provisioned, apnscp takes over.

Simple migrations

apnscp includes an easy-to-use unassisted migration tool. Use a supported DNS provider and apnscp will migrate your accounts between platforms with zero downtime.

Built for longevity

apnscp works with RHEL and CentOS, with 10 year support lifecycles. Ubuntu LTS-based products only provide 5 years of ongoing support.

Vendor friendly

apnscp works great with Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and more. Run the bootstrapper and get started within 5 minutes.

Use any-version

Users may roll out any version of Ruby, Python, Node, and Go within their account. Each version is private to their account.

Limit resources

Limit resources per-account using control groups, built into apnscp.

Tuners welcome

Customization makes any product great. You can customize the panel internals up to the theme and even the apps.