Apis Networks

  • ... support—that's where they really shine... solutions by real people that really "get it"
  • Customer service and support at Apis is nothing short of outstanding...
  • ... quick, fast, and a beautiful control panel to boot.
  • Support is also a dream - no crazy multi-tier support, just direct access ...
  • A flawless and faultless service for over 4 years that has never caused me to look for another hosting provider. Thanks!
  • Outstanding uptime, excellent customer support, a painless setup process, quick, fast, and a beautiful control panel to boot.
  • ... the control panel interface blows cpanel out of the water.
  • ... even nicer is that when I recommend Apis, it makes me look good too.
  • I transitioned to Apis Networks in April 2010 after hearing very positive reviews of the service, and I haven't been disappointed.
  • Their backend admin panel has been a lifesaver. Everything is right where you'd want it, everything is quick ...
  • ... I was working for one of the largest web hosting providers in the world ... but I tried Apis and moved immediately
  • Apis Networks has been a Godsend in my search for good hosting
  • Some of the most helpful and knowledgable people I have dealt with
  • Between the control panel, ... and the impressively responsive staff, I've had no problems managing five domains even as a novice.
  • They are to be commended for their attentiveness, their technical acumen, and their personal approach.
  • I love you, Apis!
  • I had hosted web sites with 4 different providers prior and the switch to Apis was the best decision ever.
  • Just wanted to say I love Apis Networks and you are by far my favorite web host.
Next-gen platform launched — HTTP2, PHP7, and more!

Web Hosting Packages

We offer four packages to clients enthused about performance. Have an idea for a small site? No need for our complex developer features? Go with our Essential package and grow as your site grows. Got something bigger in mind? Contact us for a personalized quote!

  • Essential
  • $5.00
  • 1 GB
  • 20 GB
    • Essential includes these standard features:

    • apnscp Control Panel (demo)
    • Host unlimited domains
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • Nearline hosting platform
    • SpamShock anti-spam stack
    • PHP 5.6 + MySQL 5.6
    • Google PageSpeed
    • Python 2.7
    • Free daily backups
    • Comprehensive DNS hosting
  • Business
  • $20.00
  • 10 GB
  • 100 GB
    • Business includes all Developer features
    • PLUS
    • 1 GB RAM
    • Tomcat 6
    • Java 7
    • PostgreSQL 9.3
    • Private SMTP routing
  • Enterprise
  • $30.00
  • 20 GB
  • 200 GB
    • Enterprise includes all Business features
    • PLUS
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 1 SSL IP address – no charge!
    • Extra storage $1/GB
    • Extra RAM $10/GB per month
    • Branded SSL for email
  • simple
  • detailed
Essential Developer Business Enterprise
Unlimited Addon Domains
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Databases
Multiple Daily Backups
FTP (Normal + Encrypted)
apnscp Control Panel
Core Features
PHP 5.6 & 5.4
PHP Guarantee1
Terminal Access  
SSL2 optional optional optional
WebDisk Desktop File Management
PHP/Apache Configuration Override
ionCube Loader
Zend Optimizer3
Mailing Lists
FrontPage Server Extensions
PCI Compliance
Developer Features
Ruby on Rails 4+  
Ruby 1.8 – 2.2+ (RVM)  
Python 2.7
Python 2.4 – 3.4+ (pyenv)  
Node.js + npm  
FastCGI Handler
gcc 4  
Full Crontab Access  
Exclusive /usr/local access
Subversion, git, CVS  
APC with RFC1867
Java 7    
PostgreSQL 9    
Advanced Features
Smart Jails
DNS Hosting
Reserved Ports 0 10 10 10
DAV svn Provider  
Control Panel API
Monthly $5.00 $10.00 $20.00 $30.00
6 Months $28.00 $57.00 $114.00 $171.00
Yearly $50.00 $100.00 $200.00 $300.00
2 Years $80.00 $160.00 $320.00 $480.00
Setup Fee
60-Day Moneyback Guarantee
Service Add-Ons
Storage (per 100 MB) $0.25 $0.25 $0.25 $0.10
Bandwidth (per GB) $0.25 $0.25 $0.25 $0.10
IP Address $2.50 $2.50 $2.50
Additional notes:
  1. Guarantee excludes certain architectural limitations such as Windows-specific scripts or software requiring services not provided, e.g. SQL Server, Firebird, et cetera
  2. SSL requires a unique IP address, which may be added onto any account for $2.50/month. We will provide you with a certificate signing request and key upon request
  3. Available upon request. Please file a ticket within the control panel to have your account provisioned for Zend Optimizer

Client Perks

  • Unlimited Domains/Email/Users

    Host as many domains as you want. Have as many email accounts as you need. You are limited only by storage and transfer.
  • 24x7x365 Server Monitoring

    Outages suck. We don't like them. We know you don't like them. We monitor both internally and externally through a third-party. It also puts us in the Top 3 for uptime.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your hosting whether it be performance, support, or even our Linux platform – let us know within 60 days for a full refund.
  • Hands-On, Custom Support

    Starting at $25/hour, we will assist you in getting your custom application up and running. Most requests only take a hour to complete too.

Standard Features

  • apnscp Control Panel

    apnscp is our control panel, since 2005, engineered to let your accomplish more in less time. Try the demo for yourself.
  • PHP

    We provide secure, performant PHP without pesky restrictions like "safe mode" and install PECL extensions on request. Check out our PHP 5.6 build.
  • Comprehensive DNS Hosting

    Complete control over diversified DNS, including basic A, MX, CNAME, and TXT records. Set TTLs without restrictions.
  • MySQL

    Together with PHP, MySQL is the bread and butter of web applications. Our servers routinely process over 500 queries/second without breaking a sweat.
  • Google PageSpeed Optimization

    Increase visitor engagement by speeding up your web site automatically using PageSpeed. Every second counts, and the average user has no patience for a slow web site. Learn more.
  • Python

    Effortlessly run Python WSGI applications. Developer+ packages include fullstack support for Django, Flask, and Pyramid in addition to multi-tenant Python via pyenv. Learn more.

Optional Features

  • Encrypted Websites (SSL)

    Enterprise packages include an IP address at no additional charge. Other packages may add this feature on for $2.50/mo.
  • Isolated Passenger Apps

    Launch any fullstack framework built on Ruby, Python, or Node.js in a secure, isolated container with Passenger.
  • Terminal Access (ssh)

    Quick launch programs and manage files on your account.
  • Multi-tenant Ruby

    Support up to Rails 4 using Ruby 2.2 with rvm and Passenger. Learn more.
  • Crontab

    Schedule tasks to run periodically from the terminal or within the control panel.
  • Memcached

    Run your own privatized instance of Memcached. Learn more.
  • Redis

    Run your own privatized instance of Redis. Learn more.
  • MongoDB

    Run your own privatized instance of MongoDB. Learn more.
  • Private SMTP Routing

    Route all mail through your IP address ensuring private communication.
  • PostgreSQL

    A database with an emphasis on standards. Extensions (Postgis, hstore, pgcrypto) supported!
  • Java + Tomcat

    Run Java-based applications including Spring, Hibernate, Struts. Applications are limited to 128 MB.
  • Branded SSL for Email

    Use your own trusted SSL certificate to secure IMAP/POP3/SMTP access.

Supported Passenger Applications

All applications require a Developer or higher account to fully utilize. Passenger applications are launched in isolated jails to ensure client security. Because processes execute independent of other accounts, you have full control of your environment. Each additional Passenger process beyond what is allocated cost an additional $5/mo. Run these great applications and more using Passenger:

Platform Benefits

  • Secure Account Isolation

    As part of our hosting platform, every account is securely isolated from each other. We even run our business of our platform. And you can too.
  • Adaptive Spam Filtering

    All email is backed by our spam filtering engine that learns and relearns to reduce spam in your inbox. Targeting is powered, in part, by our clients!
  • SSD Storage Backend

    Your site is only as fast as its slowest component. We use enterprise-grade solid state drives known for their reliability and blistering throughput.
  • A Platform You Won't Find Elsewhere

    Our billing software, control panel, and hosting platform have been built by us over the last 10 years to provide clients with fast, efficient servers with amazing reliability.

Domain Registrations

  • com
  • net
  • org
  • us
  • ws
  • biz
  • name
  • info
Our primary focus is hosting – we prefer to do one thing and we to do it very well. Keeping your registrar separate from hosting is considered a best practice within the industry, which is why we use a separate portal for domain management. Domains are managed via domains.apisnetworks.com
  1. Certain package intervals qualify for a free 1 year registration of a domain name.
    • Essential: 1 year
    • Developer: 1 year
    • Business: 6 months
    • Enterprise: any period
  2. Private registration (masked WHOIS details) may be added onto a domain for $8.95/year. The first year is $4.95.