Ruby on Rails Hosting

Secure, isolated stacks ready to go and unique to your environment without the hassle of managing your own server.

Not a sysadmin? That's perfect!

Our Ruby on Rails hosting is designed for developers who feel more comfortable writing a Gruntfile than SELinux policies. We manage the server, you manage your code. And we throw in some nice things along the way...

Phusion Passenger: effortless process management.

Phusion Passenger is hand-selected to launch all Ruby, Python, and Node applications based upon benchmarks and reliability reports that consistently put Phusion Passenger first.

Plus we have a little bias, we contribute to Phusion Passenger – apisnetworks

TurboCache built-in Varnish

New in Passenger 5 is TurboCache, an intermediary caching layer that serves previously-cached static content automatically. Instead of hitting your controller, Passenger steps in and serves from its static asset cache when a file is served with a proper "cache-control: public" header. Thanks partly to this technology, Passenger achieves the highest throughput of any process manager.

It's Magic ...not really

We use rvm to support multiple Ruby versions on every platform. Each Ruby interpreter is stored in a centralized warehouse for accounts, so accessing the interpreter does not count towards your storage usage. Nor does installing new Rubies.

Secure Isolation data integrity is everything

Passenger ties into our Nearline platform by isolating each request to your filesystem before launching your application. Every request operates in its own process space, independent of other accounts. Whatever libraries loaded into your account are your libraries. Whatever destruction your code might cause, well... you can always reset your account if things come to that!

What is important is security. In an era where security has been thrust to the forefront of everyday talk, we are proud to say that since 2002, we have committed ourselves to building a hosting platform in which every account is isolated from each other.

Other details

Multi-tenant Ruby

Support for multiple Ruby interpreters through rvm. Servers support 1.9 all the way up to 2.3 and beyond Each app may be assigned a separate Ruby version. It is as simple as rvm use 2.1. Missing a version? Open a ticket and we will take care of it for you.

Nodejs Included

Node is included on your hosting account, because who doesn't use Grunt or Gulp for build management? And if you want to run a sweet Node app alongside your project, if it fits in your memory limit, go for it! Node uses the same multi-tenant approach as Ruby.

Process Accounting

Process accounting and resource enforcement occur through control groups, which have been contributed to the Passenger project by your pals over here. Enforcement ensures that every account can launch up to their respective memory limits. Additional memory may be purchased by opening a ticket in the control panel.

Backend Daemons

Backend services are common complements to any Ruby frontend application. You may run as many services as your memory limits allow. If a service must listen on a TCP port (we suggest UNIX sockets for performance), then make sure it uses one of 10 ports allocated to your account.