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apnscp v3

Looks great anywhere

Built on a responsive framework, apnscp is designed to look great on all desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Access the control panel wherever you go and whatever you do in a unified layout through one simple location.

Purposeful efficiency

apnscp is an open source control panel built entirely in-house. Every component is designed to maximize work flow to reduce unnecessary steps. Adding a new domain? Let apnscp automatically enable email for the domain and setup MX records. Adding a new user? Let apnscp automatically populate necessary email accounts for you. Creating a new subdomain? Let apnscp automatically create a database, install, and configure WordPress keeping your timezone in mind.

Over 50 apps & 780 functions

apnscp is built to accomplish. It contains over 50 applications, powered by over 780 functions to do everything from manage mailboxes, install WordPress, and secure your site.

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WordPress – optimized without upsells


Take the challenge

We setup accounts on multiple competitors to evaluate the quality of our service to theirs. Every WP install is the bare minimum without plugins.

Speed through continuous improvement

Our hosting platform, in its 6th generation, is stronger and faster than ever before. Each platform builds upon its strengths and learns from its weaknesses to produce a solid, highly functional platform each step at a time.

... or if perspicacity isn't your thing:

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Meet Luna our fastest platform yet

Luna platform

Let's Encrypt

Issue and automatically renew trusted SSL certificates for up to 100 hostnames with Let's Encrypt, a new free certificate authority that is bringing encryption to everyone.


Accelerate content delivery over SSL with HTTP/2, the next-generation web protocol.


PHP7 is an internal rewrite of Zend Engine yielding a 200% performance increase over PHP5.6. Combine this with memory-backed sessions + opcode cache, and you have a very fast website.

IO throughput

Luna utilizes OverlayFS for its filesystem composition technology. Implementation is simple, resulting in a boost in raw file IO by 29%.

Release notes

Our Perks

Security is standard

Each account is isolated to ensure your files are for your eyes only. Servers are PCI-compliant, and patches are routinely deployed for critical software.

Email & addon domains

Host as many domains and email accounts as your storage permits. We hate fine print, and you should too.

Superb reliability

Our platform is based upon 10 years of continuous improvement. Our platform is so dependable, it ranks us among the Top 3 most reliable hosting providers.

Accelerated performance

Performance is crucial. Memory is cheap. Each server allocates 32 GB of memory for caching, backed by SSD storage, to optimize performance.

Self-healing servers

Servers are continuously monitored internally and externally. Internal monitoring checks for defects and predicts when problems will happen.

Polyglottal power

Securely run Ruby from 1.8 to 2.3+, Python 2.4 to 3.4+, Nodejs from 0.08 to 5.6+, Redis, MongoDB, and Meteor with a few keystrokes.

Employee-owned goodness

Ever notice how hosting providers look the same? They have the same holding company. We are 100% employee owned, operated, and investor-free.

Artisan hosting

Everything from our control panel to hosting platform is built from scratch. It's engineered to outperform and outlast competition.

14 years & counting

Our gears have been turning since 2002 amassing a wealth of experience and vision. Our oldest customers and employees have been here since 2002 too!

Made in Atlanta


Loved by customers around the world

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Satisfaction guaranteed

We stand behind our technology. Every account is backed by an ironclad 60-day money back guarantee.

Daily backups

Every account includes full daily file and database backups to an offsite facility. Peace of mind is important to us.