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Web Hosting Packages

We offer four packages to clients enthused about performance. Have an idea for a small site? No need for our complex developer features? Go with our Essential package and upgrade as your site grows. Got something bigger in mind? Contact us for a personalized quote!


Powerful Hosting Solutions for Every Need

  • Business


    All-in-one solution for business
  • $20.00
  • 10 GB
    100 GB
    • Developer Features, plus:
    • Tomcat 6
    • Java 7
    • PostgreSQL 9.4
    • Private SMTP routing
  • Enterprise


    For high volume SMBs
  • $30.00
  • 20 GB
    200 GB
    • Business Features, plus:
    • 1 SSL IP address – no charge!
    • Additional storage $1/GB
    • Additional bandwidth 10¢/GB
    • Branded SSL for email

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Go Modern

Ruby, Node, and Python

Developer and above packages support Ruby, Node, and Python. You manage your code, we manage the server. Up to 3 instances may launch per app.


Servers are version agnostic. Seamlessly change the active Ruby, Node, or Python with a few swift strokes of your keyboard.

Secure architecture

Every process launches in our isolated Nearline environment protecting your assets from others.

Supported Applications

Want something to experiment with? Try one of the many simple guides below.

WordPress: Safe & Secure

One-Click Management

Wield Zeus-like power. Deploy secure WordPress installations whenever you create a new website. It's simple and easy to do.

One-Click Security

Proactively secure your site by toggling write-access within the control panel. Select Fortify to stop hackers from breaking in. Select Release Fortification to allow uploads. It's one-click security.

On top of fortification, servers utilize real-time brute-force protection and scrub file uploads for malware. We believe your account should remain secure at all times.

One Click Too Many?

Easily repair WordPress using our Recovery Mode, which disables all plugins and allows you unfettered access to the admin panel to figure out whose plugin kinda sucks.

Scorched earth policy? No problem! We provide free daily backups for all clients. Let us know what folder and from what date you need a restore.

Discover apnscp, Our Control Panel

Compact & Mighty Control Panel

apnscp consists of 50+ applications that enables you to accomplish everything from setting up email accounts, managing web site files, adjusting billing, backing up a database, and even flatten-and-reinstall your account if that's your thing.

apnscp has been out control panel for over a decade, undergoing continuous change and never ceasing to thrill our wonderful customers.

Dedicated Engineering

apnscp is continuously developed on a rolling release model. New features trickle in every night.

Integrated Analytics

Get a simple birds eye view of daily traffic to your site by setting up Google Analytics on your account.

Easy Snapshots

Easily download snapshots of your databases and websites. No limitations, because your data matters.

Standard Features

All packages include these great features:

  • 60-day moneyback guarantee
  • 99.98% uptime guarantee
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Daily backups
  • SpamShock anti-spam stack
  • Mailing list (Majordomo)
  • Full DNS management
  • Geographically-dispersed DNS
  • PHP7
  • PHP 5.6 compatibility mode
  • PHP OPCache
  • Enhanced WordPress One-Clicks
  • MySQL 5.6 (MariaDB 10.1)
  • Google PageSpeed optimization
  • Malicious software scans

Optional Features

Encrypted Websites (SSL)

Protect your account with free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates within the control panel that automatically renew.

Isolated Passenger Apps

Launch any fullstack framework built on Ruby, Python, or Node.js in a secure, isolated container with Passenger.

Terminal Access (ssh)

Quick launch programs and manage files on your account.

Multi-tenant Ruby

Support up to Rails 4 using Ruby 2.2 with rvm and Passenger. Learn more.


Schedule tasks to run periodically from the terminal or within the control panel.


Run your own privatized instance of Memcached. Learn more.


Run your own privatized instance of Redis. Learn more.


Run your own privatized instance of MongoDB. Learn more.

Java + Tomcat

Run Java-based applications including Spring, Hibernate, Struts. Applications are limited to 256 MB each.


A database with an emphasis on standards. Extensions (Postgis, hstore, pgcrypto) supported!

Private SMTP Routing

Route all mail through your IP address ensuring private communication.

Branded SSL for Email

Use your own trusted SSL certificate to secure IMAP/POP3/SMTP access.

Client Perks

Unlimited Domains/Email Accounts

Host as many domains as you want. Have as many email accounts as you need. You are limited only by storage and transfer.

24x7x365 Server Monitoring

Outages suck. We don't like them. We know you don't like them. We monitor both internally and externally through a third-party. It also puts us in the Top 3 for uptime.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your hosting whether it be performance, support, or even our Linux platform – let us know within 60 days for a full refund.

Hands-On, Custom Support

Starting at $25/hour, we will assist you in getting your custom application up and running. Most requests only take a hour to complete too.

Platform Benefits

Secure Account Isolation

As part of our hosting platform, every account is securely isolated from each other. We even run our business of our platform. And you can too.

Adaptive Spam Filtering

All email is backed by our spam filtering engine, SpamShock, that learns and relearns to reduce spam in your inbox. Targeting is powered, in part, by our clients!

SSD Storage Backend

Your site is only as fast as its slowest component. We use enterprise-grade solid state drives known for their reliability and blistering throughput.

Legendary Platform

Our billing software, control panel, and hosting platform have been built by us over the last 10 years to provide clients with fast, efficient servers with amazing reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantees do you provide?

We provide a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee on all hosting accounts. Everything except for domain registrations, which are managed separately, is refundable.

Do you throttle if I exceed my bandwidth limit?

No. If you exceed your bandwidth during a billing period by 10%, it is waived. Bandwidth in excess of 110% is billed out at 25¢ per GB. If you exceed 200% your allotted bandwidth, however, the site is disabled as a stopgap to prevent unnecessary bandwidth bills.

What security is in place?

We use two filesystem security models: (a) a pivot-root isolation for all services except PHP and (b) a combination of access control lists and open_basedir restrictions for PHP to restrict access to interpreters and filesystem locations outside the pivot root assigned to an account. In addition to filesystem isolation and restrictions, brute-force protection is in place for login systems restricting invalid logins. Finally, certain file storage URIs for well-known PHP applications are locked down to serve only static content.

Nothing fits my usage, can we do a personal quote?

Of course. Drop us a line at with your requirements and we will be happy to work with you.

Can I change my package type?

Certainly! You may change packages whenever without any change fees. All credit is prorated per diem and applied to the difference of the new package. In the event of a downgrade, credit is converted into additional days. Read more in the KB.

Do you do only Linux hosting?

Yes, our parents taught us as children to do one thing and do it well. We specialize in hosting with enhanced process isolation to safeguard your data from others.

Do you provide phone support?

Yes, phone support is provided a la carte for an additional $25/month. You get to chat with the developers who build the platform you use, so answers are always precise without unnecessary escalations.

Why are there limits on storage and transfer?

It is better to provide clients with guarantees, like backups and server performance. How do you backup unlimited data? How do you plan hardware for unlimited usage? Sadly, unicorn technology is not where it needs to be yet.

What does a RAM allocation provide?

RAM allocations are done per-account using control groups to provide clients with a fair, equitable amount of resources. You can run as many Passenger or background applications as you would like. Unlike a VPS, system services do not count towards your memory usage!

How many Passenger workers are permitted per application instance?

Up to 3 workers may spawn for a given instance. More than 3 may be spawned on a case-by-case basis, but puts pressure on your account RAM.

What applications are supported by Passenger?

Virtually any application that runs off Node.js (this includes Meteor), Python, or Ruby is supported as a standalone Passenger application. This includes derivative frameworks such as Sinatra, Rack, Koa, Mezzanine and software such as NodeBB, Trac, Discourse, and Keystone.

Domain Registrations


Our primary focus is hosting – we prefer to do one thing and we to do it very well. Keeping your registrar separate from hosting is considered a best practice within the industry, which is why we use a separate portal for domain management. Domains are managed via

  1. Certain package intervals qualify for a free 1 year registration of a domain name.
    • Essential: 1 year
    • Developer: 1 year
    • Business: 6 months
    • Enterprise: any period
  2. Private registration (masked WHOIS details) may be added onto a domain for $8.95/year. The first year is $4.95.