Data Center: AtlantaNAP

Apis Networks is housed at the AtlantaNAP facility located on 1150 White St, Atlanta, GA, conveniently located 5 minutes off I-20 from our office off Piedmont Avenue in Atlanta. Close proximity allows us to quickly react to any spontaneous failures and gives you peace of mind that your data is secured in the gated, fire-retardant, all-brick facility. No flammable building materials were used in the construction of the facility, such as adhesives used to bond raised tiled flooring commonly seen in many data centers to ease management. Building design is the first step towards ensuring safety within the data center; however, should a fire erupt AtlantaNAP is fitted with the DuPont FM-200 waterless, fire suppression system.

Our servers are housed in secure, highly-breathable mesh-panel cabinets with individual power feeds directly into our PDU. AtlanaNAP maintains a 74° temperature year-round, powered by 8 22 ton Liebert Deluxe System/3 precision cooling systems. Our facility rests on quad power vaults distributed over 4 unique power feeds, which are shared with Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta's major hospital. By sharing a common feed with Grady it ensures us that, in the event of an emergency, we would be the first to receive power. Dual 5,000 gallon diesel generators provide 1.5 MW/800 KVA power in the event of a power outage, providing several hours of backup service.

AtlantaNAP's perimeter is gated and monitored 24/7 through closed-circuit cameras, while internal access within the facility is guarded by access cards. Our colocation room is guarded by a Schlage HandKey II biometric scanner and PIN reader. Within the room, individual colocation cabinets are doubly keyed with combination and lock. Our servers are located in SC-16, adjacent to an array of massive Libert chillers ensuring optimal cooling during even the hottest months.

AtlantaNAP's network is provided through a diverse collection of six unsaturated gigabit trunks. Diverse feeds allows for us to dynamically alter the BGP of traffic through Avaya's Converged Network Analyzer (formerly "ANS BGP") to optimize traffic flows in the event of an interruption. CNA performs over 7,000 route optimization path calculations per minute ensuring the best possible network performance for your site.