company history


Apis networks began in July 2002 as a pet project of Matt Saladna. After establishing multiple online projects and quickly outgrowing the capacities of residential bandwidth he searched to find a hosting provider with the flexibility to meet the complex needs of his projects. The vast majority of hosting service providers surveyed provided limited functionality. What remaining functionality the customer had was unjustly crippled, such as PHP without image manipulation or MySQL without transactional database support via InnoDB. Matt set out to build a better, more flexible platform and provide higher reliability through innovative restructuring.

With an initial investment of $100, some perserverance, and many long days of work, Apis has grown from a singly-managed hosting service provider to a globally-managed, independently owned and operated venture comprised of three core assets: Apis Networks, our umbrella name associated with hosting; apnscp esprit, our proprietary control panel; and asm, our dynamic daemon reprioritization and resource repooling system. All of these seamlessly connect with one another to provide what our customers have known as The Apis Advantage.

Matt remains to this day heavily involved in the growth and direction of Apis Networks. As the senior systems engineer and developer of apnscp esprit, Matt oversees the daily operations of Apis and may be reached via e-mail at