Apis Networks

Simple hosting. Clean control panel.

superb reliability

A control panel you can use:

apnscp dashboard
Usability is important: how quickly you get things done gives you time to relax. apnscp has been our control panel for over a decade. It is simple, elegant, and performs serious heavy-lifting underneath.
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  • Superb Reliability

    Our platform is based upon 10 years of continuous improvement. Our platform is so dependable, it ranks us among the Top 3 most reliable hosting providers.
  • Unlimited E-Mail & Domains

    Host as many domains and e-mail accounts as your storage permits. We hate fine print, and you should too!
  • Security is Standard

    Each account is isolated to ensure your files are for your eyes only. Servers are PCI-compliant, and patches are routinely deployed for critical software.
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  • Latest Software

    Servers come equipped with Rails 4, Ruby 2.2, PHP 5.6, and more ready to go without complicated compiling.
    Oh dependencies!
  • Hyperefficient Hosting

    Performance is crucial. Memory is cheap. Each server allocates over 16 GB of memory for caching to decrease latency and maximize throughput.
  • Self-Healing Servers

    Servers are continuously monitored internally and externally. Internal monitoring checks for defects and predicts when problems will happen.