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Secure stacks unique to your environment without the expense of a VPS.


We were developers and are still very much developers to this day. We understand your needs, because we have similar backgrounds. Ever try to compile Subversion with all of its bindings on a 400 MHz VPS? Are you a good cook? Go make a pizza or something (kudos if you get the reference). We want solutions that work and we don't need the hassle of waiting 10 - 20 minutes to compile a piece of software only to realize we forgot to add a compile flag... --disable-easy-street. We're not interested in building the foundation, we're interested in designing the house. Don't get suckered into running Rails released in 2007, when you could be running Rails released on October 2nd, 2014. Our control panel is developed in-house, from the ground up, with your needs in mind.

Unique Features

Secured, jailed CGI/FastCGI access— private stacks through "smart jail" technology
Smart jails are what make apis one of the safest hosts in the industry. FastCGI, CGI, and processes (just to name a few) started from within the shell are jailed, locked away exclusively from other accounts on the server. In addition to jailing, processes are run under the current user, providing you with privacy without restricting flexibility.
git, Subversion, and CVS (if you swing that way)
All Developer and higher accounts come provisioned with git, Subversion, and CVS right out of the box. We even provide WebDAV support with the svn provider. But wait, you must use svn+ssh, right? You cannot run svnserve with per-user roles, right? Wrong! Check out our next feature to understand what separates us from the other restrictive hosting companies boasting themselves as ideal for developers.
10 reserved ports for daemons
Hosting shouldn't be encumbered by restrictions. We provide you with 10 ports in the [4xxx0,4xxx9] range to run any type of service crucial to your site, just don't run a game server or we will smack you with a ruler on the knuckles.

Our customers have enjoyed the privilege of running daemons such as squid, for load balancing; svnserve, to seamlessly manage multiple user accounts without creating physical user accounts on the server; memcached, useful to cache repetitive, expensive data; and Mongrel, because some users just like to go against the grain — and that is perfectly fine with us!
Turnkey Rails
Like everything else in life, software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of today and prospective future. You need the latest and greatest; you don't want last year's code. You want today's code. You want code fresh from the repository. You want bleeding-edge and only apis can provide you with the latest. Accessible under Language Options, we provide an indirect interface to RubyForge. Click "Enable Ruby on Rails" and watch in amazement as the Ruby interpreter, Rails, FastCGI, and MySQL/PostgreSQL bindings are compiled in real-time and only for your site.
Private /usr/local stashes
Due largely in part to our smart jail technology, we also provide every account with their own /usr/local filesystem tree. These directories are unique to an account and give you a VPS feel without the painful micromanagement. System security is our responsibility and it's what we do best. Leave that to us. You have other things to worry about... like how to make the perfect starbust effect.
Integrated package management
Our Package Manager provides a comprehensive overview of all gems currently available off of RubyForge. In addition to tackling Ruby, it also serves package management for PEAR and CPAN. Click, click, done.

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