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... support—that's where they really shine... solutions by real people that really "get it" Customer service and support at Apis is nothing short of outstanding... ... quick, fast, and a beautiful control panel to boot. Support is also a dream - no crazy multi-tier support, just direct access ... A flawless and faultless service for over 4 years that has never caused me to look for another hosting provider. Thanks! Outstanding uptime, excellent customer support, a painless setup process, quick, fast, and a beautiful control panel to boot. ... the control panel interface blows cpanel out of the water. ... even nicer is that when I recommend Apis, it makes me look good too. I transitioned to Apis Networks in April 2010 after hearing very positive reviews of the service, and I haven't been disappointed. Their backend admin panel has been a lifesaver. Everything is right where you'd want it, everything is quick ... ... I was working for one of the largest web hosting providers in the world ... but I tried Apis and moved immediately Apis Networks has been a Godsend in my search for good hosting Some of the most helpful and knowledgable people I have dealt with Between the control panel, ... and the impressively responsive staff, I've had no problems managing five domains even as a novice. They are to be commended for their attentiveness, their technical acumen, and their personal approach. I love you, Apis! I had hosted web sites with 4 different providers prior and the switch to Apis was the best decision ever. Just wanted to say I love Apis Networks and you are by far my favorite web host.

Company Profile


Fast Facts



  • Founded in July 2002 as a sole-proprietorship by Matt Saladna, accompanied by over 10 years of Linux experience starting with RedHat 5.2; incorporated in 2005 after quickly exceeding expectations
  • Support is handled by four technicians geographically dispersed, available 24/7 through the ticket interface, managed and supervised under guidance of Matt
  • Privately owned and operated with capital derived from three separate revenue streams

Client Information

  • Hosting over 4,500 clients as of July 2012 with 75% customer base in North America, 10% Europe, 6% Australia, 9% other
  • Most domains hosted on a single account: 70
  • Average number of domains hosted on an account with more than 1 active domain: 5
  • TLD distribution: .COM 67.91%, .NET 8.64%, .ORG 7.24%, .UK 3.65%, .CA 2.24%, .EU 2.21%, .INFO, .BE, .NZ, .AU, .PL, and others: 10.32%
  • Average disk space used: 18.83%, Q1: 2.06%, Q2: 9.95%, Q3: 29.27%, Q4: 100%
 * Data taken from July 2012

Hardware Architecture

  • Servers are custom-configured Dell PowerEdge 2950s featuring:
    • dual 2 GHz 5130 Xeon processors
    • 4x 300 GB, 15,000 RPM SAS enterprise-class Seagate hard drives
    • dual power supplies feed through separate power feeds within the data center
    • 16 GB 667 MHz, ECC Fully-Buffered RAM catered towards our specific cache-centric architecture
    • built-in baseboard management controller, which allows all servers to run a hardware-based watchdog through IPMI facilitating automatic reboots in the event its host server is non-responsive
  • Hot-swappable hard drives, RAM, motherboards, and even switch are on hand in the storage cabinet in the event of a failure
  • Bandwidth is fed through six gigabit links: Level3, PCCWBTN, Qwest, Saavis, Spring, and Telia

Software Architecture

  • Every server is a self-contained, fully-functional node with no interdependencies upon one-another to function, i.e. no external SQL, IMAP, POP3, SMTP servers, designed to localize the impact of a failure to one server
  • Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server with high performance epoll, inotify, IDLE options built-in; custom quota plugin
  • Heavily customized maildrop LDA designed to perform only virtual lookups and source per-site global maildrop recipes
  • Customized SpamAssassin daemon to jail within a domain's filesystem, then break from the jail after processing a request
  • Selective outbound filtering on e-mail originating from the server filtered through DSPAM to prevent blacklistings
  • Customized, throttled per-domain local delivery in Postfix prevents message delivery clogs from one account monopolizing delivery slots
  • Internally monitored through asm to ensure all services are operating smoothly